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majority didn't vote to approve the change, the los angeles mayor went ahead with it anyway. here's why, in his teleprompter, the script was already load, ordering him to declare that, quote nthe opinion of the chair, two-thirds having vote in the affirmative, we are going to continue all of this and continue the coverage here on "hannity." but first, let me welcome the reverend jesse jackson. >> good to see you. >> sean: this will be the convention that we will remember as the time that god was nay'd and boo'd by the democratic national convention? >> what i really think is that jesus at pon toint point said, lord is not the issue. it is not the name god, it's the will of disbod that's at stake here. we must focus not on whether we name god, allah, ya way, but we feed the hungry. >> sean: but we are not talking about feeding the hungry. we are talking about the democratic party boo'd and loudly and three separate times they boo'd, obviously a majority wanting it to stay the same with god taken out and jerusalem as the capitol of israel taken out. that's a reaction that the country has
at -- you live in l.a. or new york? >> i live in los angeles. >> sean: if you live in new york, you pay federal, state, local, county, property taxes, if you live in new york and own something, you are paying 55% what have you make for the government. what president obama is trying to do is say, we will take from the rich and redistribute wealth. that's what he has done the last four years i. how are you going to stop the deficit bleeding unless you raise revenue-- >>> when you get people off government dependency, you stimulate the economy -- >> here's your problem-- >>> you don't want to hear my answer i. i am going to tell you. >> sean: you are not listening. >> i have been listening for a long time. >> we are in an upshed down pyramid. there was a time when it worked because the workforce on the bottom was supporting those on the top. we are upside down. so without raising revenue from the wealthy who can afford twhere does the revenue come from? >> sean: i will get it from obama's government and the labor department. and the irs. the top 10% pay 70%, the bottom 50% pay zero, zero f
in los angeles. i see construction. there is infrastructure-- >>> 8.3%. >> if you do not rebuild infrastructure, you can give the wealthy all the tax breaks in the world. but if their trucks can't cross a bridge that has collapsed, their business will fall apart. have you to rebuild infrastructure to rebuild business. >> sean: we will never agree. i will watch you on broadway. >> we will find something to agree on. >> sean: it will take a couple of centuries. >> come on broadway and say hi. >> sean: "hannity" continues live at the democratic national convention as we continue to monitor the voting. we're awaiting the first lady obama's remarks we will have a much-anticipated preview of the speech, as we continue from charlotte. [♪...] >> announcer: with nothing but his computer, an identity thief is able to use your information to open a bank account in order to make your money his money. [whoosh, clang] you need lifelock, the only identity theft protection company that now monitors bank accounts for takeover fraud. lifelock: relentlessly protecting your identity. call 1-800-li
, it's easy to sneak in nuclear material and have them set up a dirty bomb to paris, los angeles and lie about it, which they do as a matter of course, anyway. >> sean: we see the images of 11 years ago today, and then i am thinking, all right, how often have we heard that the radical extremists want to wipe israel off the map. they keep thumbing their nose at world opinion, pursuing nuclear weapons. can we one day wake up in the holocaust that their stated desire is true? >> i think have you to take them seriously. we didn't take them seriously enough before september 11. osama bin laden declared war on us and kale killed our sailors on the cole and we didn't retaliate. the first trade center adispace we had a criminal proceeding. he declared war on us and we didn't pick up that there was a war. the more we go into a shell of denial, the more danger we are in. you know, this whole idea that we don't want to call it a war on terror. that's irrelevant. it is their war against us. >> sean: has been for 30 years! what i see today, it's still going on. >> look at the pictures that ha
attention he said unchained they want to put you all in chains. he then, you have the los angeles mayor talking about the republican convention, and there are many women speaking there and he goes you just can't trot out a brown facer a spanish surname and expect people to vote for your party and candidate. these are people elected by people in their states and districts. and i want to get your reaction to this. seems like a false narrative to demonize conservatives. what is your reaction? >> look. we have a choice. i think it's time to stand up. we have a choice, we can have a president going to divide this nation or we can have a president going to unite this nation. that is going to lift the economy and look at you will of us equally as americans. and i'll tell you right now, the president i choose is mitt romney because he sees me as an individual he sees me equally as an american. like i said they can talk about these issues all they want. problems here it doesn't -- they don't see color. a mom is out there trying to go to the grocery store realizing prices have gone up and trying
some guy to a suburban apartment in los angeles and sending a big posses of sheriffs to arrest him. where is the toughness when the al-qaeda flag is flying offer your embassy? >> what is he going to do? president obama, our embassies have been breached, our flag taken down and burned for whole world to see. what is he going to do about it? 1. >> he and mrs. clinton have chosen to blame the obscure video. that's misdirection. it has nothing to do with that. >> my kids get in more trouble, not usually for what they do, it's when they come and i didn't do it and they lie. and we've been lied to by susan rice over the weekend and we've been lied to by jay carney. >> no. they are shouting death to america. there's no qualification there, death to america. which of those three words doesn't the united states government doesn't understand? death to america. what they are doing is going to endanger the lives of americans because they are actually confirming the mob mentality, that the government is responsible for the content of the movie. i went through this battle in canada, and i said t
biden's comments probably got the most attention when he said, ob chain and the los angeles mayor, you know, talking about the republicans and there were many minority it's african-americans, hispanics, many women speaking there, as there have been, by the way, in past conventions. you just can't trot out a brown face or a spanish surname and expect people are going to vote for your party or your candidate. i want to get your reaction to this. it seeps like a false narrative that the democrats want to advance. what's your reaction. >> look. we have a choice. i think, you know, i think it's time foritous stand up. we have a choice. we can have a president that's going to divide this nation or we can have a president that's going to unite this nation, lift the economy, look at all of us, equally, as americans. i'll tell you right now, the president i choose is mitt romney because he sees me as an individual. he sees me equally as an american. like i said, they can talk about all of these issues all they want, the problems we face here, it doesn't -- they don't see color. when a mom is ou
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)